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Smart Global Purchasing

IQ-IT provides dedicated and personalized services to our customers around the world.

Our Global Industry Network

Our network of supplier and customer are spread out in more than 20 country around the world.


- Frozen Poultry: We work with some of the major plants from the USA and Brazil.

- Frozen Seafood: Our office in Peru allows us to provide consistent quality and new products to meet market demands.

- Organic Bat Guano: First and only exporters of Peruvian Bat Guano. Serving the USA market for organic fertilizers.

What we do

Smart Global Purchasing


We will provide our customers with the tools and the resources to make their international purchasing and import process flowless.

Peruvian Bat Guano


Bat droppings from caves in the Peruvian Jungle. Used mainly as ingredient for organic fertilizer or soil amendments.



We focus exclusively to serve the frozen bait market in USA. We export bulk commodities such fish heads, squid wings and whole fish. 


Processing fresh tom turkey drumsticks for export markets.

We export frozen poultry from USA following.  Chicken and turkey whole and its cuts for the retail or food service.

Squid Meal


Marine feed ingredient used for the Aqua and Pet Food Industries. We import from the coast of Peru made from Giant Squid.

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